The idea for Snuffin’ Zombies began in February of 2006. A few months earlier, Karl Benacci, the film’s writer/director/producer/editor, had seen a movie at a local horror film festival. Karl thought the film he’d seen was completely awful. He reflected, if this movie can make it to an audience, then I can certainly make a film. Karl adds: I’d like to get into the screenwriting profession, but it’s tough to sell a screenplay without any writing credits, for to sell a screenplay, one often needs an agent. So I thought I’d make a film to give my writing some exposure.

Benacci, who had received his Master’s in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, was familiar with screenwriting, but knew nothing about filmmaking or editing. Armed with only his Filmmaking for Dummies book, Karl dedicated the next month to writing the screenplay and researching filmmaking. In late-spring and through the summer months of 2006, he filmed the movie in Erie, Pennsylvania, utilizing friends, family, and local theatre thespians as talent.

Karl’s other writing credits include working with comedian Rob Little and learning comedy writing from the legendary Shelley Berman.